Donagh Long

A Place to Fall

Recorded during 2003 in Spaintowerstudios The Donagh Long Band are Donagh, Brian Hennassey, Niall O Driscoll, Laurie Hedger and Clive Melbourne

In the Autumn of 2002 I sat down in Sean Ogs bar in Skibbereen, West Cork, Ireland, to play the first of a series of Thursday night solo acoustic gigs.

I had just finished a summer with “The Listeners”, playing to some of the quietest and most appreciative audiences imaginable. Chalk and cheese. It was the longest two hours of my life. Next week I’m gonna bring the pneumatic drill.

Next morning I heard of a young fella, Niall O’Driscoll, who had been playing his electric guitar at low volume in his bedroom for a couple of years. I know what he needs……… ”How loud is your amp?” was the first question, followed by “will you play next week?”. “I will” he said "and I’ll bring a friend”.

That Thursday, never having played or sung a note together, myself, Brian Hennessey and Niall played a two-hour set. It was rough, but there was something in it, bursting to get out.

Two weeks later I saw Laurie Hedger driving through town with the full drumkit in the back of his mothers Starlit, his smiling face pressed up against the windscreen……. where’s he going……. Thursday night four-piece, we played Arms of an Eagle to start, Laurie drumming like an excited heartbeat………don’t look back.

We need a bass player. The four of us piled into the starlit, drumkit in the back…..mother driving……”Clive is still in bed” was the response, when we knocked on the door. Get up quick and grab the bass………you’ll know most of the songs…….hop in, there’s loads of room.

It’s Thursday again and we’re a five-piece. People dancing and singing “everybody needs a place to fall” we’re off……

Jan 2003 we put down the first tracks for our debut album. It’s Jan 2004……. Album finished and released. We called it …………. “A Place to Fall”.

A Place to Fall