Arms of an Eagle

Written by Donagh Long

Appears on:

A Place to Fall
Covering Artists
Donagh Long Band


Well the sunday drive is nearly over
Bring the tired and hungry home
And my Fathers' songs bring tears and laughter
With a magic all their own

For the working man it's a simple plan
Now his Everest is near
Guide the children of his faithfull union
So safely through their years

Ch. I grew up in the arms of an eagle
Untouched by fear
That I should be the lucky one
To always have you near

The stories of his early childhood
In the great war first saw light
He cut his teeth on the North-Atlantic fleets
As the Dogs of War came out to fight

And he'd shake his head in disbelief
At how they tore the world apart
He knelt and prayed that men some day
Might lose the darkness in their hearts

When the clouds had cleared and the war was over
And we were safe and free
He turned his hand as an honest man
To keep his family
In the summer of my younger years
He would sing and I would play
Now the songs still linger on inside me
"From Rangoon across the Bay"