Blue Surrender

Written by Donagh Long

Covering Artists
Mary Coughlan
Mary Coughlan


With blue surrender
And tears of joy
With tongues of fire
She loved the boy,
She learned
To take him by the hand
She waited for the man
In him.

In the world a singer
She holds a spark
For a song like diamonds
In the dark
And as the big lights burn the stage
All that comes of age
Is blue surrender

Through the night
I feel her cold hand creep
To brush the teardrop from her smile
The demon dares
With bodies drenched with sleep
And when the night is gone
Behind the curtains drawn

It's blue surrender
Just one more time
To cool the burning
Down inside
And as you lean into the flame
You call out in the name
Of blue surrender

Rept Ch.
Rept V1.