Soldiers of Destiny

Written by Donagh Long

Covering Artists
Frances Black
Frances Black
Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton
Linda Ronstadt
Linda Ronstadt
Emmylou Harris
Emmylou Harris


Well we used to be
Like Soldiers of destiny.
And we used to drive our wings
Through a clear blue sky.
And if you still believe
Believe in what tomorrow brings
And you can drink from the endless well
As the years roll by.
But if you've got a heart for me
And I know you had a heart for me
And if you can find it at the end of every day
Then there is still a place for me
Burning in the midnight breeze
And we will never lose our way
As the years roll by.

But if you find someone
Hold him close and warm him.
For it's the love inside
That your great heart yearns.
And if your happiness
Is more than just a smile
May the light in your brown eyes
Bring you a child.
And may your only true love
Never be a blue love
May you always be so carefree and so wild.
And may whoever takes your hand
Keep you safe and strong
And may you never lose your way
As the years roll by.